Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Curls and bangs.

So two weeks ago I had to take out my beautiful dreads from urban synthetix
and get ready for the job market. I decided to go back to bleach blonde and try to get it as white as I can. After a week or so of agonising, I decided to put some black streaks in. I always have some colour streaks, one in my bangs, on the left underside of my head. Ive had pink, red, and purple so far. This time it had to be natural. But then again, we know the saying. 

 "Once you go black you never go back"

I think that applies to hair most of all.Sure, I could bleach it out, but that would be some serious lifting ontop of already frazzled hair. 
 Anyway. I had a really bad day and in a bequest to control anything, just one thing in my life. I went for it. 

I also experimented with pincurls for the first time this week. I usually set my hair in sponge rollers over night, but wanted to try something a little different, and had recently received this book through the post. 
It took me about 40 minutes to pin some pretty lopsided hair, but I managed. The result was alot more bouncy and perfect than my usual set. The downside was that even when I tried this again with setting lotion, it wouldnt stay over night. My sleep turning and twisting just destroyed the curls, they all dropped to something a lot less pleasing. My sponge set lasts until the next wash with nothing but water to set it with.

This was the over all result.

The picture shows up the hair whiter than it is, but im still pretty pleased with the results. 

After almost a year of trying to achieve white hair, its seems im as close as I'm ever going to get. I have used a range of purple toners including Manic Panic and Directions, neither of white I rate. I've made my own and dyed my hair lilac in the process. I've used Schwartzkopf A touch of silver (pretty good really, but drying) and Super Drug's Ash Blonde wash in/wash out dye, which is great for the price - 98p

   What seems to work for me best however are blue colours. I had blue hair from my dread set and lifting that left an ice blue that faded to white. So!
 At the moment I am sitting here writing this with wet hair having just added a fingerfull of Directions blue lagoon to Tigi's dumb blonde conditioner and leaving for five mins under a shower cap. I'm hoping this gives me that white stun back. I shall post the results later on!

 This moves me onto another new hair purchase, Tigi's Dumb Blonde. I have a few product reviews to give I think later on, so I shall leave details there.

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