Friday, 10 September 2010

First post of my new blog.

Well ladies and Gents, Blogging is somthing I'm pretty new at. I know, Im SO 1998 right?
 I have blogged before, for university work and for project findings, but never on a personal level. I hope that this wont become an extension of facebook where I just tell you my daily feelings and use catharsis whilst attempting to make myself feel like readers may even care what my day was like or when I feel fat.

 This should be a place for inspiration, thoughts, findings and yes, occasionally feelings.
I shall update with fashion moments, tutorials on hair and make up, if anyone cares to watch them, and what little knowledge I can pass from my own fingertips to your eyes. Sometimes shared knowledge is the best kind.

I wont pretend Im a massive blog follower, so I dont intend to have a massive following myself. Of course I enjoy the blogs of such inspirationals as Adora batbrat, Lisa Freemont and Doe Deere- but then theres few in the alternative fashion 'sphere' who wouldnt. 

 If you care to read my other blogs, you'll know I have a huge interest in personality, on perception and in people in general. I find myself analysing people when I really shouldnt, I've no degree or any teaching to do such a thing, and often feel like im getting above myself by thinking I can see things others cant. Being a quiet person has its moments, things become apparent to me. Then again, it often means I get walked over and over looked.

 Still perhaps I can attempt to sort my own life out here, instead of making observations on others.

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