Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Products Ive recently gifted myself with.

Every now and then, every girl has to treat herself to a few really good products, be they cheap miracles or a worth-it splash out.
Both my purchases this time were ebay nabbed bulk bargins.

Firstly this month, I had known for a while that I wanted Ed Hardy's love Kills slowly perfume. Whilst I like the idea of vintage tattoo design inspired bottle, the thing itself I had decided was tacky and over the top, what was IN the bottle however is something I just cannot get enough of. Whenever I'm wearing this I keep smelling myself on purpose, because I love the scent so much. Its a light, floral, girly smell with a rock kick.So, after loosing a bidding war on ebay, I went ahead and splashed out £27 on a 100ml bottle. That's expensive for me, but the last real perfume I bought was Ralph Lauren COOL about 5 years ago, so I figured I was in for a treat. On other days I use Body Shop's Cherry Blossom Eau de Perfume, because I like to smell like my tattoo!

The next thing I splashed out on, after reading alot of reviews and getting some advice from peers was this double set of Tigi's Dumb Blonde shampoo and conditioner. Its a salon product created especially for chemically damaged hair, well, thats me bub. I looked around for the best price for a while, I knew that TJ Hughes were having a 2 for £10 sale, which is great if you're there, but with £4 postage, I decided to look further. Ebay brought up two 750ml bottles for only £17 including postage. Yes it was £3 more that TJ's but I also got 7 times as much! 
 I usually use aussie three minute miracle re-constructor. Its not too expensive (there's pretty much always offers on that can get a bottle for around £3) it has natural extracts and smells amazing. More importantly, it works. There are few 'miricle' products that work, especially when they plaster it on the bottle. However- 8 months or so ago, I ran out of the hair masque I had bought on special offer (I cannot even recall the brand) for after colour/bleach use, and bought some of this on offer instead. I still though it a little pricey for my then student pocket, but had heard good things and remembered using aussie spray in conditioner after swimming when I was younger (my hair was the longest frizz mess ever back then). I gave this a try. It is, amazing. Really, leave for three (I often left it longer) minutes and let it work its magic. Even on really dry frizzy damaged hair, this stuff can get you back to something that you dont cringe to touch. It makes hair soft and shiny again. 
 Now, of course it wont cure deadness, I'm bleached WAY too far to come back now I think, and thats why I invested in the Tigi. 


Tigi Dumb Blonde itself, I've only used twice. Whilst my hair feels soft, it still looks very dry and frizzy if I leave it to air dry. I'm going to use it for another couple of weeks and try and map the difference (if there is any). Im hoping that it does what it says on the tin and helps to reverse some of the damage that chemical bleaching put into my hair. 

 It smells of Pineapple, which is a bit lush and the conditioner can be left on for longer to act as a masque.

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