Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Things this week.

So, as self expected, I started a blog then didnt touch it for days. I have so little motivation for anything at the moment let alone moving on in life.

I spent four hours looking for a flat share in Cardiff yesterday only to find this morning that to even read replies to my enquiries, I have to spend £29 .... thats a pound a day. Seems steep to me, but the buzz phrase of the week unfortunately seems to be

"You have to spend money to make money"

Great. Its a wonder my parents are as helpful as they are. Its easy enough to say 'get a job' but in a tiny rural town, no matter how pretty it is, thats just impossible when you dont drive.

The revelation of the week so far has been that it doesnt matter how good a person you are, at this stage in life without money, you have nothing. However, its equally as true however that having someone to share my life with makes these harder times and poorer times easier to see through. Living in a box wouldnt be all so bad so long as I had him to doodle on the flaps with.

So yes, we want to start a life. Have a real house of our own to decorate how we like and do with what we want. But what's six months out of the rest of our lives?

Flatshare for six months or so means that we can live in a bigger house than we can afford, we'll have someone to show us round the city and more importantly, we'll be able to save more than we spend. Its all about the money in the end.

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