Monday, 8 November 2010

As promised. Lush's Daddy-O

So, I promised a review on Lush's Daddy-O shampoo.
 This is a purple toning shampoo that costs £4.30 for 100g, £8.60 for 250g and £13.85 for 500g (Im unsure as to why its listed in grammes and not ml on the website :S)
 The shampoo itself, whilst many rave about the smell, doesnt smell of much to me. Its a very light scent with that general floral undertone that everything in Lush has. Not unpleasant at all and certainly better than many other toning shampoos Ive come into contact with.
 A big advantage of this shampoo is that, unlike other toners, you dont have to leave it on for five-twenty minutes to get results, you just use like normal shampoo. The downside I found to this however is, that if you want to leave it on longer in an attempt to get a slightly lilac sheen (which the girl in the shop assured me her sister does) it makes my hair horribly dry and matted, this is after only three minutes of the stuff sitting on my head. The other downside is that, if you get this stuff in your eyes, it STINGS, like nothing i've ever had in my eyes before, this stings. Have a towel on stand-by to scrub your pupils. 

 The actual toning result of daddy-o is a satisfying one, this stuff, for me, tones alot better than A Touch of Silver by Schwartzkopf or the ash blonde dye from Superdrug, or any toner I mixed myself. It left my hair lovely and ashy. It wasnt strong enough to really lift all the yellow from my roots, but did a pretty good job.


  1. Thanks for the info on the shampoo!!!
    Does it irritate the scalp at all?

  2. Oh gosh no, not at all :) Lush is pretty good for being gentle. Use a good conditioner with it and keep it away from your peepers and you should be home free.