Thursday, 4 November 2010

A little update

Well its been a while, partly because Ive now moved away from home and into a shared house in Cardiff. I am living with my boyfriend in a room, my friend that lives next door and three others. The house is horrible in every way! At least we're here. Cardiff, should, in theory be the new centre of theatre, and if I want to find work, it should be here. Until then Ive been trying anything to get work to live. Nothing, nada, not one interview or call back :(

 Anyway, the other reason you've not been updated is because my oh-so-crappy laptop died, but, I have a new shiny dell! Yay! Core I3 and windows 7, double yay.

 What else to update on? There shall be some posts, now doubt, covering Halloween, and other things, but post wise, little to report but that the Tigi is working WONDERS my hair is SO soft and in good condition now. I did have to have a chop to save the ends, it was for the best, but really, I cant recommend it enough. I've also started using Lush's Daddy-O which I shall review in a post next.

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